Snelling Gravel Pits


These basins are located in the Dakota County portion of Fort Snelling State Park. 

Species Present:

The gravels pits are located within the floodplain of the Minnesota River, and as such, contain many of the species usually associated with river systems.

Walleye: not sampled, but may be present.
Northern Pike: average abundance, average size.
Largemouth Bass: not sampled, but may be present.
Bluegill: average abundance, average size.
Crappie: low abundance, smaller than average size.
Catfish species: lower than average abundance, above average size.


Boat Access:

There is no boat access to these basins. 

Shore Fishing:

The entire shoreline is in public ownership. Brush and overhanging trees may limit shore fishing in some areas. 

Management Plans:

  1. None planned at this time. 


Access to this area is limited, as no trails are maintained to provide access. Most anglers fishing here are locals who access the area by crossing the railroad tracks on the west side of the area. Railroad tracks are private property, so access to the gravel pits by crossing the tracks is trespassing. Legal access would require a long hike from the scenic overlook along Olson Memorial Highway just north of I-494. 

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