Falls Creek


A tributary to the St. Croix River, Falls Creek is located east of Highway 95 (St. Croix Trail) just over a mile south of the Washington County - Chisago County line.

Species Present:

Brook Trout - average abundance, smaller than average size.


The headwaters of one branch of this stream is located on the Falls Creek Scientific and Natural Area. The remainder of the stream passes through private property. Anglers must get the permission of property owners to fish this stream, or access it legally from a road right of way and walk in the stream bed only.

Management Plans:

  1. Re-survey/population assessment as needed.


This is a small stream with a good population of small brook trout. The stream enters the St. Croix just upstream of the railroad bridge below Cedar Bend. The fishable areas on this stream are located on private property. Anglers must gain permission from property owners before fishing this stream.

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