Open Creek


Open Creek enters the St. Croix River in the Village of Marine on the St. Croix south of the mouth of Old Mill Stream several hundred yards. The stream originates from several springs located on the hill south and east of the village center. The stream meanders east and south, crossing Highway 95 about 0.5 miles south of the wayside rest area in Marine. The stream continues east and south through a residential area in the south part of Marine to the St. Croix.

Species Present:

Brook Trout: lower than average abundance, smaller than average size (with exceptions).


The property adjacent to this stream is entirely in private ownership. Anglers must get the permission of property owners to fish this stream, or access it legally from a road right of way and walk in the stream bed only.

Management Plans:

  1. Re-survey/population assessment as needed.


This is a very small stream with a good population of small brook trout. There is a small waterfall near the St. Croix, and another falls near the source.

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