Unnamed Stream #1 (Harnack Creek)


This creek is a tributary of the Minnesota River in Eagan. The stream crosses Nichol's Road between the railroad tracks and the entrance to the Minnesota River Boat Ramp under the new Cedar Ave. Bridge.

Species Present:

Brook Trout: low abundance, small sized. (No trout were sampled in the last assessment).


This stream can be readily accessed from the Nichol's Road crossing. The area downstream of Nichol's road lies within Fort Snelling State Park. The area upstream of Nichol's Road lies within the right-of way to Cedar Ave, controlled by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Management Plans:


  1. Re-survey/population assessments as needed.



This is a very small stream which contains a few, small brook trout. The portion of the stream which lies downstream of Nichols Road travels through the floodplain of the Minnesota River, and the creek bed changes its course often. Beaver dams have been present in the past.
This creek has little potential for anglers. It may yield an occasional small brook trout, but little else should be expected. No trout were sampled in the last assessment.

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