Unnamed Stream #4 (One Mile Creek)


This creek is tributary to Black Dog Lake in Eagan. It lies south and west of Nichols Road, north of Sibley Memorial Highway.

Species Present:

Brook Trout: low abundance, small size (no trout were sampled in the last two assessments).


There is no legal access to this stream. Railroad tracks are private property and persons walking them are guilty of trespass.

Management Plans:

  1. Re-survey/population assessment as needed.


Stream #4 is the largest of the designated trout streams in this area, but it is still a small stream. This creek has been compromised repeatedly by urban development in the adjacent headwaters area. Storm water is discharged into the upper reaches of the watershed after routine storm events. These discharges increase the temperature of the creek making it unsuitable for trout for some time after the storm event.
No trout were sampled in the last two assessments, and it is unlikely any trout remain in this stream. The stream does has value in maintaining the unique biota found in the adjacent fen.

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