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The three county area offers some incredible river fishing opportunities. The Clearwater, Crow, Elk, Sauk, and St. Francis rivers all offer unique and relatively underutilized angling opportunities with scenic views. Below you will find a variety of summaries and reports on the warm water rivers in our area.

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From July 9 - August 3, 2012, a fish population assessment of the Crow River was conducted from the mouth of the Crow River in Dayton to the Meeker/Wright County line near the town of Kingston.  The population assessment encompassed approximately 93 river miles of the North Fork and Crow Rivers.  All fish species were sampled via boat electrofishing with special targeted sampling for channel catfish using trot lines.  Below is a summary of species sampled during the assessment with sportfish species being highlighted.


Crow River Pop Assmt - July 9 - Aug 3, 2012

Species - electrofishingNumberAverage length (in)Max length (in)
Bigmouth buffalo


Black bullhead805.49.8
Black crappie215.810.2
Blackside darter*23  
Bluntnose minnow*24  
Bowfin (dogfish)1216.518.3
Channel Catfish9419.830.7
Common shiner24.54.5
Creek chub*1  
Fathead minnow*


Golden redhorse39.013.6
Golden shiner*1  
Green sunfish214.58.3
Horny head chub265.26.3
Hybrid sunfish*1  
Johnny darter*4  
Largemouth bass183.76.4
Longnose dace*1  
Northern hogsucker1713.317.2
Northern pike2216.722.6
Orange spotted sunfish*4  
Sand shiner*38  
Shorthead redhorse46013.720.7
Silver redhorse7418.523.5
Smallmouth Bass329.717.0 
Spotfin shiner*30   
Spottail shiner*1   
Tadpole madtom*1   
White sucker10713.817.9
Yellow bullhead*1  
Yellow perch44.55.5
Species - trot lines   
Channel catfish17521.830.5

 * no measurements taken

Updated April 5, 2013

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