Recent West Metro lake survey summaries

Updated: June 28, 2019

2019 preliminary lake survey sampling

Preliminary summaries of recent sampling not yet posted on LakeFinder.  

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Lake (County) DateSpeciesNumber/netAvg. length (in)Max. length (in)
Spurzem [Spurzen] (Hennepin)
Northern Pike6.818.933.5
Black Bullhead1611.013.2
Fish (Scott)
Black Crappie107.79.9

2019 bass electrofishing

We sampled a portion of surveyed lakes with electrofishing, which uses a specialized boat to run electricity through the water, to target largemouth bass. These are preliminary summary results. Once a lake's survey is posted on LakeFinder, final bass-sampling results will be included. Note: Steiger Lake has a catch-and-release-only Special Regulation for largemouth bass and northern pike.

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Lake (County) DateSpeciesNumber/hourAvg. length (in) / % over 15 inchesMax. length (in)
Fish (Hennepin) 5/13/19Largemouth4911.4 / 15%19.7
Steiger [Stieger] (Carver) 5/14/19Largemouth4614.1 / 54%19.3
Fish (Scott) 5/16/19Largemouth8413.0 / 24%20.8
Dutch (Hennepin) 5/22/19Largemouth649.6 / 24%19.9
Spurzem [Spurzen] (Hennepin) 5/23/19Largemouth1013.9 / 30%16.5

2019 spring sampling

Soon after ice-out, we sampled Steiger Lake, with a Special Regulation of Catch-and-Release only for largemouth bass and northern pike, to check sizes of those species. Results are from 15 net lifts at 10 locations.

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Lake (County) DateSpeciesNumberAvg. length (in)Length range (in)
Steiger [Stieger, Victoria] (Carver) Apr 15-17, 2019Northern Pike 18223.116.7 - 31.5
Largemouth Bass 21516.2 6.6 - 19.5
1  None over 32 inches, three fish over 30 inches, majority 18-23 inches.         2 None over 20 inches, twelve fish over 15 inches, majority 16-19 inches.