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Sauk Rapids area wildlife

The mission of the DNR, Section of Wildlife is to provide sustainable wildlife benefits to the people of Minnesota by conserving, managing, and enhancing wildlife populations and their habitats with an emphasis on maintaining Minnesota's hunting and trapping heritage. The Sauk Rapids Area Wildlife office helps to accomplish these goals by planning, promoting and implementing wildlife management programs in a 3-county, 2600 square mile area of Stearns, Wright, and Sherburne Counties to the benefit of all citizens of Minnesota.

The Sauk Rapids Area Wildlife Office currently consists of an Area Wildlife Manager (currently vacant), two Assistant Area Wildlife Managers (Peter Borash and Alex Stewart) and one seasonal Labor Trades and Equipment job classification (Nathan Nietfeld). In addition, various seasonal laborers, contractors, cooperators, STS crews, CCM crews, interns and volunteers are supervised at different times by the Area Wildlife Manager and Assistant Area Wildlife Managers. The Area Wildlife Manager manages habitat funds from 10 appropriations and 22 accounts, including Operations and Management, Surcharge, Deer/Bear Mgmt., Duck Stamp, Pheasant Stamp, Turkey Stamp, Heritage, RIM Bonding, and Gift Account totaling nearly $250,000.00 not including salaries and benefits.

The Sauk Rapids Area office manages 61 state wildlife management areas (WMA) totaling more than 14,251 acres with a value of more than 20 million dollars and is responsible for acquiring new WMAs as a priority work activity. Numerous habitat improvement projects are completed yearly on public and private land, totaling $200,000.00. In addition, dozens of environmental reviews are performed yearly due to land development pressures in the work area. Cooperative partnerships exist between other DNR Divisions, governmental agencies including USDA (NRCS/SWCD) and conservation groups like Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited and the Padua Conservation Club. Individual and conservation club cash, equipment, and land donations to the Sauk Rapids Area Wildlife Office have approached $3 million in value since 1984. Capitol (equipment) holding amounts to approximately $150,000.

Pelican Lake Enhancement Project

Pelican Lake Enhancement Project

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North Fork

Clients include the more than 5.0 million Minnesotans all of whom benefit from the land and wetland preservation and restoration, population management, recreational and educational programs provided by this office.

Principal clients include wildlife enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, and citizens whose lives, livelihoods and enjoyment are affected by the natural communities and wildlife in the area and includes two million hikers, 1.6 million bird feeders, and 650,000 hunters and trappers.

Clients also include government officials, agency staff, organization members, business owners and landowners who rely on this office for expert advice and technical information on land management, natural community restoration and population management. This includes the more than 400,000 residents of Stearns, Wright, and Sherburne Counties, the officials of three county boards and of fifty cities and the members of nearly fifty local conservation groups.

Clients also specifically include the staff of the various units located or operating in Stearns, Wright or Sherburne Counties including one National Wildlife Refuge, one USFWS Wetland Management District Office, two state forests, one state park, three county park offices, three Federal Natural Resource Conservation Service/Soil and Water Conservation District Offices and three colleges.

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