Contract solicitations

DNR contracts with independent contractors for a variety of projects throughout Minnesota. All projects valued in excess of $5,000 are competitively bid and must be advertised on the Department of Administration Materials Management Division (MMD) solicitation announcements Web page.

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Each bid announcement includes a contact name and telephone number. To obtain a bid package or for more information, contact the DNR Regional Business Office in the region where the work is located.

Most contract projects fall into two categories:

Construction projects
The DNR builds a number of facilities or public-works-type projects all over Minnesota. Examples are construction of new state park buildings, offices, water control structures, roads, trails, and bridges and remodeling or repair of existing structures.

Natural resource development projects
Natural resource development projects include work such as site preparation by discing, shearing, rock raking or piling, scarification, or furrowing; prairie restoration; creation of wildlife openings and other wildlife habitat improvements; landscape clearing; forest management activities of tree planting, tree seeding, tree pruning, timber stand improvement by thinning or clearing existing forest trees by manual, mechanical or chemical techniques.

Contracts are also available for various professional services.

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