Minnesota's Channel Morphology Dataset

stream cutting through greenery

Minnesota's Channel Morphology Dataset seeks professionally developed field data with supporting evidence relating to watercourse form and composition. This dataset is essential for understanding the history of Minnesota's watercourses and increase our knowledge of how a watercourse has changed through time. It will serve Minnesota's water resource professionals to:

  • Provide a scalable history of public water resource activities
  • Organize, store and share professionally collected field data
  • Provide basic watercourse morphology metrics with supporting field evidence
  • Apply adaptive and natural systems strategies into resource management
  • Quantify change through time
  • Improve public infrastructure projects
  • Foster transparency, professional growth and collaboration


Dataset Application

The Channel Morphology Dataset Application will provide statewide access for watercourse field data. As contributions increase, the dataset will grow. This includes form and composition information. Form includes cross sections, profiles, restoration designs and photos. Composition includes pebble counts, sieve samples and photos.

Contribute Data


Send watercourse form and composition information to [email protected]. Please include supporting field evidence (files, field notes, survey points, etc.).


The application is in development. Once available, you can submit information through the application.

Receive Data

When the application is available, you will be able to view and download information for specific watercourses.