Minnesota's Channel Morphology Dataset

stream cutting through greenery

Minnesota's Channel Morphology Dataset seeks all professionally developed data with supporting field information related to our waterways form and composition. This dataset is essential for assessment and long-range understanding of channels and floodplains. It serves Minnesota's water resource professionals to:

  • Raise awareness of historical field-based data.
  • Organize and share professionally collected field data with the water resource community.
  • Provide critical insight to how we managed our channels and floodplains.
  • Understand and quantify change through time.
  • Improve natural channel hydraulic geometry.
  • Foster and improve upon natural systems management of our waterways.
  • Improve Minnesota's waterways through data sharing, professional engagement and tool development.

Channel Morphology Data

Minnesota's Channel Morphology Dataset application is in development. When it is operational, you may upload your field data to share with the community of water resource professionals. Interim access to the dataset is available while the application is in development.

Interim data access

This data should only be used to gain historical knowledge to improve your understanding of the natural waterway. For specific projects, new field data should be collected to represent present day waterway conditions in your work.

To view data:

  1. On the Main Screen, click "Load and View Data".
  2. Click the "Click to View Data" button.
  3. Select the "Map" tab.
  4. Use the Zoom feature to view data.