Minnesota's Watercourse Morphology Dataset

stream cutting through greenery

Please submit your field data about watercourse Form and/or Composition. This dataset, once programmed, will provide a more accurate picture of how Minnesota’s watercourses have changed through time. It is designed to assist water resource professionals:

  • Provide a history of public water resource activities, through time
  • Organize, store and share professionally collected field data
  • Provide basic watercourse morphology metrics with supporting field evidence
  • Initiate adaptive and natural systems management strategies into public resource management
  • Quantify change through time
  • Improve public watercourse infrastructure projects
  • Foster transparency, professional growth and collaboration

Dataset application

Once programmed, the Minnesota’s Channel Morphology Dataset application will provide login access to all contributed watercourse field data. As contributions increase, the dataset will grow. The information is limited to form and/or composition field based information. 

  • Form: cross sections, profiles, restorations, photos, etc.  Information that describes the watercourse form at a point in time. 
  • Composition: pebble counts, sieve samples, quantifiable estimates, photos, etc. Information that helps professional understand the watercourse composition at a point in time.

How to contribute data

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Through the application: The application is developed.  Once available, users will submit, review and download all field information through the application.