Fish Population and Community Assessments

Standard DNR Fisheries Assessments in Each Sentinel Lake

Indicators Evaluated

  • Total Fish Biomass
  • Proportion of Warmwater Species to the Total Catch
  • Index of Biotic Integrity
  • Performance indicators of major species
    • Bluegill
    • Largemouth Bass
    • Smallmouth Bass
    • Yellow Perch
    • Cisco
    • Lake Trout
    • White Sucker
  • Performance indicators include
    • Catch per Effort
    • Average Length
    • Maximum Length
    • Growth
    • Length at Age
    • Length at Maturity
    • Vertical Gill Net Catch (Cisco)
    • Spring Electrofishing Catch (Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass)


For specific questions or access to data, please contact DNR Research Biologist Jeffrey Reed, [email protected].

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