FiN on ice fishing

Be extremely cautious as the ice conditions are highly variable from lake to lake. Read more about ice safety before heading out for your next ice fishing trip.

Check out the list below for great destinations to take your kids ice fishing!

Beaver Lake (St. Paul) - (Aeration System ) Beaver Lake may produce some decent size Bluegill. Bluegill were stocked in the spring following the winterkill last season and these fish typically grow quickly in this type of situation.

Thompson Lake (West St. Paul) - (Aeration System )Larger sized Bluegill were stocked in the fall of 2013 and could provide some fast action on this local lake. Adult Channel Catfish are also present and will put up a strong fight on ice-fishing gear if you hook one.

Jordan Mill Pond (Jordan) - Give it a try this winter, it has been stocked with bluegills, largemouth bass and black crappies

McColl Pond (Savage) - (Aeration System ) McColl Pond has been producing smaller bluegills but is stocked with catchable Channel Catfish and Largemouth Bass.

Riverpointe Pond (Watertown) - Riverpointe would be worth a try this winter for panfish. This pond also has Channel Catfish and Largemouth Bass stocked into the pond.

Wirth Lake (Minneapolis) - (Aeration System ) Wirth Lake might be a good place to take in an early evening or morning for Walleye and Northern Pike.

Wolfe Lake (St. Louis Park) - (Aeration System ) This is a good place to try this winter for Northern Pike, Yellow Perch and some smaller Black Crappies.



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