Recent Stocking

FiN staff stocks several species of fish into neighborhood ponds, mostly during springtime. Not all FiN ponds are stocked regularly; those that aren't have self-sustaining fish populations. Click on a county page on the left to find other FiN ponds and shorefishing opportunities in your area.

CountyLocationSpeciesPlannedNumber StockedDate Stocked
CarverCourthouseRainbow Trout1,500  
  Rainbow Trout1,500  
  Rainbow Trout3000  
  Rainbow Trout brood174  
  Rainbow Trout brood239  
  Brown Trout bood85  
  Brook Trout Brood507  
 Fireman'sBlack Crappie1001004/29/2022
  Largemouth Bass10  
HennepinBrooklyn Park PondBluegill/Hybrids4003465/27/2022
  Black Crappie 1135/20/2022
 Champlin MillNorthern Pike10  
  Black Crappie200  
  Largemouth Bass30  
  Hybrid Sunfish 1445/19/2022
  Largemouth Bass204 
  Black Crappie 385/17/2022
  Largemouth Bass2035/17/2022
  Northern Pike10  
  Largemouth Bass 85/25/2022
  Northern Pike10  
  Channel Catfish1000  
  Black Crappie1001804/28/2022
  Northern Pike5  
  Channel Catfish1000  
  Black Crappie1005765/6/2022
  Yellow Perch50  
  Northern Pike10  
  Northern Pike20  
  Largemouth Bass 34/28/2022
  Channel Catfish1000  
  Largemouth Bass12  
  Black Crappie50695/19/2022
  Black Crappie 3705/6/2022
  Largemouth Bass20  
  Northern Pike10  
  Northern Pike1044/21/2022
  Northern Pike1044/28/2022
  Black Crappie1001004/28/2022
 WolfeNorthern Pike10  
  Largemouth Bass20  
  Largemouth Bass 85/25/2022
  Northern Pike10  
  Channel Catfish1000  
  Black Crappie1001004/29/2022
  Largemouth Bass20  
 LakefrontBlack Crappie100355/18/2022
 Lions ParkBluegill/Hybrids200  
 McCollBlack Crappie2002004/29/2022
  Channel Catfish2305  
 QuarryRainbow Trout8,000  
  Rainbow Trout brood70  
  Brown Trout brood85  
  Rainbow Trout brood55  
 NormandaleLargemouth Bass30165/27/2022
  Bluegill 465/27/2022
  Black Crappie 44/23/2022
Total   7,469 
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