Crystal Lake

Location: Prior Lake, Crystal Lake Park, Highway 13 and Village Lake Drive Southeast

Species present: Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike

Crystal Lake.

Depth: 26 feet

Size: 30 acres

Recent fish stocking

Wheelchair access: Poor

MTC bus: None nearby

Park entrance fee: None

Restrooms: No

Parking: Fair

Picnic: Yes

Grills: No

Playground: No

Other activities: Picnic shelter, picnic tables, walking trails

Agency: City of Prior Lake (952) 447-9820

Fishing pier: Yes

location map for Crystal

Comments: Crystal Lake is a great place to fish in both the summer and the winter.  During the winter, be aware of the aeration system that creates open ice but helps the fish to survive. With the high abundance of Largemouth Bass and Bluegills, Crystal Lake provides a great place to introduce a young angler to their first fish. The fishing pier on the south side of the lake adds access to the deeper waters of this lake.

2016 Lake Survey Results:

Location and DateSpeciesAbundanceAverage Length (in)Maximum Length (in)
CrystalBlack Bullheadlow10.011.7
(Scott)Black Crappiemedium6.011.4
 Hybrid Sunfishlow5.96.4
 Largemouth Basslow15.215.2
 Northern Pikemedium19.232.0


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