Gun Club Pond

Location: Inver Grove Heights, Lions Park, 65th Street and Blaine Avenue East

Species present: Bluegill, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Bullhead

Gun Club Pond.

Depth: 9 feet

Size: 8.4 acres

Recent fish stocking

Lake Map: PDF Map 

Wheelchair access: Excellent

MTC bus: Route 415

Park entrance fee: No

Restrooms: No

Parking: Fair, on-street only.

Picnic: Yes

Grills: No

Playground: Yes

Other activities: Nature viewing, walking Path

Agency: City of Inver Grove Heights, Parks and Recreation Department (651) 450-2585

Fishing pier: Yes

location map for Gun Club

Comments: Also known as Lion's Park Pond, this small lake has abundant small sunfish.  The water is very clear which allows healthy plant habitat for Largemouth Bass and Bluegill. Dense plant growth can make fishing challenging in midsummer. Large Bluegills are stocked in the fall and anglers report good catch of these fish.

NOTICE: The aerator on Gun Club Lake had problems in January and February 2014 and the lake has experienced a winterkill. The FiN Program will be restocking the lake in the spring.


2013 Lake Survey Results:

Location and DateSpeciesAbundanceAverage Length (in)Maximum Length (in)
Gun ClubBlack Crappiemed5.79.8
 Hybrid Sunfishlow5.75.7
 Largemouth Basslow5.56.3
 Black Bullheadhigh7.99.6