Northland Park Lake

Location: Stillwater, Northland Park, Northland Avenue and County Road 12

Species present: Bluegill, Black Crappie, Bullhead

Northland Park Lake.

Depth: 8 feet

Size: 14 acres

Recent fish stocking

Wheelchair access: None

MTC bus: None nearby

Park entrance fee: No

Restrooms: Yes, but distant.

Parking: Good

Picnic: Yes

Grills: No

Playground: Yes, but distant.

Other activities: Ball fields, horseshoes, tennis, walking path

Agency: City of Stillwater Parks Department (651) 439-4561

Fishing pier: No

location map for Northland Park

Comments: Northland Lake was incorporated into the FiN program in 2003. The best shorefishing occurs on the shoreline along County Road 12. In midsummer, vegetation in shallow water can get thick and interfere with fishing. The 2013 fish survey found very low numbers of Bluegill and Black Bullheads in Northland Pond.

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