Recruit, retain, reactivate

woman giving instructions to large group of adults at hunting lodge before they go out hunting

Getting, and keeping, more people hunting and fishing

DNR's work in recruitment, retention, and reactivation – R3 for short – is all about getting more folks into the woods and onto the waters and connecting them to Minnesota’s great outdoors. Download the MN DNR R3 toolkit to learn more about R3 research, what we are doing in Minnesota, and ways that you can help.

man and girl in canoe holding up a nice bluegill that the girl just caught

Learn to fish & hunt

Check out our programs, advice, and resources that can help you learn how to hunt and fish. You'll find yourself closer to the outdoors and the food you eat.

selfie photo of two women dressed in blaze orange camo sitting in deer hunting blind

Become an outdoor mentor

Interested in sharing your passion for the outdoors with someone new? Check out the recording of our recent webinar, Mentoring your kids in fishing and hunting.  Learn how you can become part of a new certified volunteer mentor network.

couple dozen smiling kids and adults of all ages with fishing poles on shore of a lake

Grants to get people outdoors

Grants are available to support and increase efforts to expand programming that connects youth and adults to the outdoors. See the No Child Left Inside and program.

man teaching group of 12 other men and women in a large garage how to butcher a deer with cuts of meat on long tables

Minnesota R3 Council

DNR works with a volunteer citizen advisory council comprised of dedicated outdoors men and women who provide recommendations, strategies and insights to recruit, retain and reactivate Minnesota hunters and anglers.


Get outdoors today

Discover and explore Minnesota's outdoors today. Find fishing, hunting and other outdoor happenings throughout Minnesota.

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