Funding or Incentives for a wood biomass energy project

MN Department of Agriculture; AGRI Bioincentive Program; This new program, established by the Minnesota Legislature in 2015, provides production payments to encourage commercial-scale production of advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals, and thermal energy production from biomass (see Minnesota Statutes, 41A.15, 41A.16, 41A.17, 41A.18, and 41A.19).

MN Department of Agriculture: Agriculture Growth, Research and Innovation (AGRI) Program; The Agricultural Growth, Research and Innovation Program (AGRI) awards grants and other forms of financial assistance (for example, scholarships and cost share) to create agricultural jobs and profitable businesses. Investments are focused on livestock development, value added business and market development, farm to school, research, and renewable energy. Grants are awarded to farmers, agricultural businesses, schools, researchers, and county fairs. Grant eligibility is specific to each program.

Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) The function of the LCCMR is to make funding recommendations to the legislature for special environment and natural resource projects, primarily from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). These projects help maintain and enhance Minnesota's environment and natural resources.

Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Funds Available for Biomass Installations. REAP is a renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvement loans and grants program that provides guaranteed financing to agricultural producers and rural small businesses in Minnesota. The funds may be used for the purchase, installation and construction of renewable energy systems including solid fuels biomass systems.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce lists state and federal funding opportunities related to energy research, development, and education.

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