Biomass program

photo: hand full of wood chips

Biomass is living and recently dead biological material that can be used as fuel or for industrial production. DNR Forestry's Biomass Program deals specifically with woody biomass. Woody biomass includes logging residue (non-merchantable tops and limbs left over from a commercial timber harvest, non-merchantable small-diameter trees and stems, dead standing trees, and down logs), primary and secondary mill residue, dedicated energy crops, urban forest–clearing material, land-clearing material, and brushland material.

photo: processing logs for biomass

Biomass Business Development

Are you thinking about developing a woody biomass energy facility? Check out these resources:

  • The MN Business First Stop. Created by the Minnesota State Legislature, MN Business First Stop brings together a team of professionals from several state agencies, including the departments of Commerce, Transportation, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Employment, and Economic Development, Pollution Control Agency, and Iron Range Resource's to help renewable energy and clean technology companies large and small with all aspects of project development, including feedstock identification, financing, environmental permitting, and site selection.
  • DNR's Utilization and Marketing Program prepares biomass supply analyses for individuals interested in developing a biomass facility. This program aims to help individuals make informed decisions regarding the most efficient and sustainable use of woody biomass resources.
  • DNR's Forestry Resource Assessment Unit is available to help quantify, locate, describe, and value forest resources; provide inventory design, cruising, data management, and analysis; and develop short- and long-range management plans that include financial, logistical, social, spatial, and temporal constraints. The unit tailors analyses to clients' management objectives, stakeholder comments, and land base characteristics.

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