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Using wood for energy is a way to support local economies and forest management.

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In 2017 DNR completed a $250,000 grant award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service to enhance the use of renewable wood energy systems throughout the state. The grant was awarded in 2014 for a three year period. The grant was extended in 2016 for one year and completed December 31 2017. Under the grant there were initial site outreach visits made, wood energy education and outreach products created, and assistance given through completion of initial and full site feasibility studies with follow-up assistance offered.

The initial objective of the grant was to identify the best candidates for wood energy systems. The targeted facilities, meet specific criteria which included not being connected to natural gas. The DNR, in partnership with 22 private, state and federal organizations initiated contact and completed initial feasibility assessments to determine if a wood energy system installation was a viable option at the site, if a positive determination was made the facility was recommended for a full feasibility assessment.

The grant objectives of enhancing the use of renewable wood energy systems was accomplished through providing these assessments and guidance on specific state and federal financing options available to projects. The desired outcome for the grant funds was to move these projects from theory to installation. There are currently three wood energy projects that started operation in 2016/2017 that were supported by the SWET grant or its partners.

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Webinar-Heating Poultry Barns with Wood

Minnesota State Wood Energy Team presents a webinar on opportunities for heating poultry barns with wood. The webinar covers why a farm or any facility should look at biomass, what are the basics for biomass heath systems and its components, how will a biomass system apply to a poultry farm and specifically a system that would service multiple barns. Ending with a look at the economics of owning and operating a biomass system and other benefits a biomass system might provide to a poultry farm.

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