Minnesota State Forest Nursery

Box of Red Pine seedling on belt in sorting room

Orders are now closed for the 2024 season. We understand everyone is excited to start planting, but please hold off on calling the Nursery so we can stay focused on lifting and sorting seedlings. We will contact you when your order is ready, so please check your email.

We will fill orders from south to north – mimicking the typical thaw progression across the state.

Thank you for your patience!

Since 1931, Minnesota's State Forest Nursery has provided over 1 billion healthy, native tree and shrub seedlings for Minnesota plantings. With over 85 years of experience, we have developed methods to achieve the best seedling stock possible.

Seedlings are kept in the ground long enough to develop robust root systems and healthy stems. Depending on species, coniferous seedlings are between 2–4 years of age, and deciduous seedlings are between 1–3 years of age when sold.

Every seedling is inspected to meet high standards for height, diameter, root development, and health. Only the best seedlings are sold.

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