North and East Metro Groundwater Management Area

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Reliable water supplies are critical for economic wellbeing and environmental health. As part of a statewide analysis of groundwater resources the DNR identified the north and east Twin Cities metropolitan area as an area of specific concern where groundwater resources are at risk of overuse and degraded quality. Several factors led to this decision, the projected population growth and water use in the area, the presence of surface waters that are sensitive to fluctuations in aquifer levels, and the occurrence of known contamination that limits opportunities to use groundwater. Increasing demands on groundwater resources in the North and East Metro Area require new approaches to groundwater use and management.

By moving ahead with the comprehensive management framework laid out in the management plan, it is possible to plan for change and avoid disruption. The area’s businesses will be able to continue to prosper, communities will be assured of a reliable water supply, and the water features and natural resources that make the area such a good place to live will continue to function and provide their many benefits.

Washington and Ramsey counties, along with portions of Anoka and Hennepin counties have been designated as the North and East Metro Groundwater Management Area (GWMA).

This designation allows a more comprehensive and focused approach to ensuring that groundwater supplies remain adequate to meet human needs, while protecting lakes, streams and wetlands.

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Presentations provided during the June 27, 2023 meeting

Management plan

North and East Metro GWMA Plan
This plan will guide the DNR's efforts to continue to manage groundwater appropriations sustainably in this area of the state.

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Groundwater model

A groundwater model for the North and East Metro Groundwater Management Area was developed to help understand how pumping affects aquifers and lake levels within the area. The report is available for review.

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