Groundwater Management Areas (GWMAs)

DNR Groundwater Management Areas (GWMA)

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The Minnesota legislature created groundwater management areas as a tool for the DNR to address difficult groundwater-related resource challenges.

The DNR is developing three pilot groundwater management areas plans. They will be launched at different times. They will be located in the North and East Metro, the Straight River area, and the Bonanza Valley.

The purpose of the three pilot planning projects is to learn how to effectively create and establish GWMAs in other places facing groundwater management challenges.

Minnesota State Law - 2012

"Subd. 4.Groundwater management areas.
(a) The commissioner may designate groundwater management areas and limit total annual water appropriations and uses within a designated area to ensure sustainable use of groundwater that protects ecosystems, water quality, and the ability of future generations to meet their own needs…"
MS 103G.287, subd. 4

Pilot GWMAs