Sustainable Use of Groundwater in the Little Rock Creek Area

water flowing through little rock creek


Since January 2016, the DNR has met with residents, permitted water users, and local government leaders in the Little Rock Creek Area to discuss, analyze, and plan for the sustainable and continued use of groundwater in the area. The DNR wrote a draft DNR Action Plan, informed by those discussions.

You can review and comment on the Draft Sustainable Use of Groundwater in the Little Rock Creek Area Plan.

Why is the DNR proposing this Action Plan?

Groundwater use is vital to the people and economy of the Little Rock Creek Area.

The DNR wants individuals, communities and businesses to keep using groundwater.

However, the DNR can issue permits for groundwater use only if the use is sustainable as defined by statute.

Groundwater Use is Affecting Little Rock Creek

There are clear indications that groundwater use is affecting stream flows in Little Rock Creek. Little Rock Creek is an important coldwater trout stream, which flows through the Little Rock Creek area.

The DNR is concerned that total permitted groundwater use in the area might not be sustainable, because groundwater use might be having a negative impact on Little Rock Creek.

More Information is Necessary

Over the next four years, the DNR will collect and analyze additional information to determine whether groundwater use is, or is not having a negative impact on Little Rock Creek.

Keeping the Public Informed

We will continue to work with individuals, communities and businesses as we make this determination and as we develop and implement this action plan.


Review the Draft Plan

The Draft Plan was released for public review and is under review for final approval.


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