Groundwater Recharge through Restorable Wetlands

Inset of the Bonanza Valley GWMA Groundwater Recharge through Restorable Wetlands map showing the area around Sedan, MN.

Wetland restorations can keep water on the land for long enough to soak into the soil and add water to aquifers. Bonanza Valley landowners now have a map to understand where they can restore wetlands most likely to recharge aquifers, while providing many other wetland restoration benefits.
The DNR developed the interactive Bonanza Valley GWMA Groundwater Recharge through Restorable Wetlands Map as outlined in the Bonanza Valley Groundwater Management Area plan. It can be found on DNR’s Watershed Health Assessment Framework (WHAF).


After clicking on the map version links below, you will see a white dialogue box at the center of the screen. Either choose the right or left arrows to scroll through the features of the WHAF, or go directly to the map by simply clicking little X at the upper right hand corner of the white dialogue box.
This map version has a dark background that makes it easier to see the restorable wetland locations
This map version is lighter and shows hills and valleys
This map version has an aerial photograph background (example above)
You may change the data layers (Add additional map layers button) and background maps (Change basemap button) by clicking on the icons at the left of the screen. Or, explore the ecological health score maps (Title: Leaf Icon) to view prepared maps.

Interested in downloading the GIS layers?

GIS data layers can be downloaded from the State of Minnesota’s Geospatial Data Resource Site (GDRS).