Camp Ripley archery hunt

2019 hunt summary

Permits issued2,639
Bag limit2; bonus permit allowed
Hunters participating2,137
Total successful hunters269
Total deer harvested278
Hunter success rate12.6%
First weekend
Hunters   Deer
Oct. 17595   Oct. 1746
Oct. 18550   Oct. 1820
Second weekend
Hunters   Deer
Oct. 261,542   Oct. 26136
Oct. 271,336   Oct. 2776
Deer harvested
Male   Female
Adult103 (37.1%)   Adult82 (29.5%)
Yearling34 (12.2%)   Yearling19 (6.8%)
Fawn20 (7.2%)   Fawn20 (7.2%)

Volunteers who worked checking deer during the hunt

Central Lakes College natural resource program staff manning the check station at the Camp Ripley Archery Hunt on Oct. 27, 2019. Left to right: Bill Faber, Isaiah Guida, Carl Bakkila, Hailey Owen, CeCe Ketterling, Amanda Olson, Donald Carlson, Mak Lokken, Eddie Johnson, and Jonah Ploof. The hunt is administered by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Central Lakes College Natural Resource Program and the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs.
Photo courtesy of Central Lakes College.