Waterfowl hunting

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Waterfowl hunting zones

Map showing waterfowl hunting zones in Minnesota

Ducks, coots, mergansers

ZoneHunting dates
NorthSept. 21 - Nov. 19
CentralSept. 21 - Sept. 29; Oct. 5 - Nov. 24
SouthSept. 21 - Sept. 29; Oct. 12 - Dec. 1


ZoneHunting dates
Early goose (statewide)Sept. 1-15
NorthSept. 21-Dec. 21
CentralSept. 21-29; Oct. 5-Dec. 26
SouthSept. 21-29; Oct. 12-Jan. 2, 2020


Stop the spread of aquatic invasive species

Future hunters are relying on you. Prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.


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10/12/19 - 01/02/20

Canada geese - Season 2

South duck zone


Wetlands for wildlife

North Ottawa Flood Control Project


Moist Soils & Shallow Lakes

The DNR intensively manages restored wetlands by keeping them dry during a portion of the summer growing season and flooding them during spring and fall. This creates shallow waters that ducks favor.

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Waterfowl information



General information

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