Early antlerless season deer hunt

Three does standing along a treeline in fall.This opportunity provides hunters additional capability to manage local deer herds. The limit is five deer during the early antlerless season, which is in addition to the statewide bag limit.

The early antlerless season coincides with the special youth deer season in deer permit areas listed. To participate in the early antlerless season, hunters must possess an archery, firearm or muzzleloader license and at least one valid early antlerless permit. They must use weapons matching the parent license used to purchase their early antlerless permit.

Youth can take one deer of either sex in early antlerless areas using their youth license as described on page 36. They do not need an early antlerless license unless they continue hunting in an early antlerless season area after their youth license is filled.

Bonus permits (and disease management permits in 600-series areas) may be used but hunters still must possess at least one valid early antlerless permit to participate.

Permit areaDetail
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1 The 2,300-acre Whitewater State Game Refuge within the Whitewater WMA in Winona County is not open to early-antlerless season hunters. The refuge is open only to youth participating in the youth deer season.