Landowner elk hunting

  • Five landowner licenses are available during 2022, all of which are in Zone 20, the Kittson County central zone.
  • No landowner licenses are available in the Kittson County northeast zone (Zone 30) this year.
  • All applicants, including landowners, will have to select Zone 20 and season when applying.
  • The landowner licenses will be drawn from all landowners in Zone 20 and given the season of their choice (designated upon application).
  • The following persons are eligible for the landowner drawing:
    1. Owners of at least 160 acres of agricultural or grazing land, within the zone applied for; or
    2. Tenants living on at least 160 acres of agricultural or grazing land, within the zone applied for; or
    3. Family members of qualifying landowners and tenants if they live on the qualifying property and are part of the farming operation. Family members include those related by blood, marriage or adoption.
  • Applicants unsuccessful in the landowner and tenant drawing will be included in general drawing selection process for the remaining licenses in the same zone.
  • Landowner and tenant party applications that include individuals who do not meet the requirements for this license will be removed from the landowner and tenant drawing and will not be entered into the general drawing.

General information

  • For Zone 20 up to three drawings may occur.
    1. 1. The first drawing will determine which applicants with more than 10 years of application history are eligible to purchase one of the six available preference licenses in Zone 20.
    2. The second drawing will determine which landowners can purchase one of five landowner available licenses. The selected landowners will be awarded the season of their choice.
    3. The third drawing will determine which applicants for the general drawing (including non-successful landowner applicants) are eligible to purchase the remaining licenses in each zone.
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime hunt for Minnesota residents. Successful applicants who choose not to purchase a permit will be eligible for future elk hunts and receive a preference point.

To apply

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply online or via telephone at 888-665-4236. Landowners also may apply in person where hunting licenses are sold.
  • Landowners may apply individually or in parties of two.
  • Deadline to apply is Friday, June 17.
  • There is a non-refundable application fee of $5 per and applicants should use Code 625. Total license cost is $288.