Mourning dove hunt information

Season at a glance

Mourning dove hunt dates - September 1 - November 9, from one half hour before sunrise to sunset except opening day of waterfowl season when shooting hours begin at 9 a.m.

Limit - Daily bag limit is 15; possession limit 45.

License requirements

All residents age 16 and over and all nonresidents must have a valid small game license in their possession. Residents may hunt doves without a license on property they occupy as their principal residence. All dove hunters must have evidence that they are HIP certified.

Relative mourning dove density

Avoid common mistakes

  • Pre-season scouting is best in the morning and late afternoon, when doves are most active.
  • Doves are most abundant in agricultural areas of western and southern Minnesota.
  • Hunt in areas between food, water, grit and roosting locations.
  • Doves often feed in wheat, oat and sunflower fields. Landowner permission is required to hunt private agricultural fields.
  • Doves fly 30 to 40 mph and can reach 60 mph. Practice estimating extra wingshooting lead distance.
  • Downed doves blend well with vegetation. Mark and retrieve birds immediately. Dogs can be very useful in retrieving doves.
  • Early dove season weather may be hot; bring sufficient water for your dogs.
  • Shooting doves or other game birds from power lines is unethical.