Advisory groups

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) uses a variety of external advisory groups and task forces as one way to work with Minnesotans for the department's mission. Some are open-ended and others are limited in duration. Membership design differs according to the purpose and sometimes provisions in an enabling authority. Participation in one of these appointed roles is one way that Minnesotans can contribute ideas and perspectives.

This page lists current and upcoming DNR groups where membership is a public participation opportunity.

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Next appointments
Game and Fish Fund Citizen OversightWe're looking for hunters, anglers and crictial habitat license plate holders with diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to serve two-year terms on citizen committees that oversee how and why DNR spends money from hunting and fishing license sales. Appointments were finalized in December 2021.
Governor's Council on Minnesota's Coastal Program Three seats for individuals living in Carlton County or the Fond du Lac Reservation are open for applications. The Office of the Secretary of State will accept applications until the governor appoints individuals to all three seats. The governor will announce appointments when made.
Mille Lacs Fisheries Advisory Committee, and Minnesota R3 CouncilThe Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Groups application includes the opportunity to apply for multiple fisheries and wildlife advisory groups. Applications received on a rolling basis will be reviewed as additional seats open up and when multiple seats come open at once.

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Individuals with a disability who need a reasonable accommodation to participate please contact the meeting organizer listed within the event details.

List of advisory groups

MnDNR Advisory Groups Overview

This list covers advisory groups that are ongoing and may list some temporary advisory groups as well.

GroupPurposeAuthorizationMembershipAppointmentsDNR contact
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Advisory Committee Provides advice and recommendations for AIS programs and activities, and achieve shared understanding among committee members of AIS issues and their impacts on citizens, lakeshore property owners, and recreationalists, as well as public, private, business, and non-profit organizationsCreated by DNR commissioner Expiration date: noneAppointed by DNR commissionerMembers appointed for terms up to four years (same cycle, not staggered).Heidi Wolf,
Ecological and Water Resources Division
Natural Heritage Advisory Committee Makes recommendations to several DNR programs concerning
  • Biological diversity
  • Management of rare resources
  • Research opportunities
  • Related communications and outreach
Minn. Stat. § 86A.05, subd. 5 (c) requires consultation with qualified persons Expiration date: noneAppointed by DNR commissionerMembers appointed for three-year terms.Jan Wolff,
Ecological and Water Resources Division
Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Citizens Advisory Council Provides direction for management planning and advice about major management decisionsMinn. Stat. § 85.0146 Expiration date: noneComposed of representatives and designees as outlined in Minn. Stat. § 85.0146Members serve for two-year terms and can be reappointed. Next application deadline is January 2022.Barry Osborne,
Parks and Trails Division
Deer Advisory Committee Forum to enhance two-way dialogue with stakeholders on specific deer management topicsCreated as part of the 2019-2028 MN White-tailed Deer Management Plan Expiration date: none Appointed by DNR commissioner Members appointed to three-year terms. At the end of the first term, DNR will solicit nominations for at-large members. Current members can reapply but may serve no more than two consecutive terms (six years).Barbara Keller,
Fish and Wildlife Division

Game and Fish Fund Citizen Oversight

Reviews the DNR's annual Game and Fish Fund Report, including expenditures, budgets, spending plans and other information related to the Game and Fish FundMinn. Stat. § 97A.055, subd 4b Expiration date: Sunset renewable by legislature (next sunset is June 2025).Appointed by DNR commissioner to Fisheries Oversight Committee (FOC) and Wildlife Oversight Committee (WOC), along with a chair for the joint Budgetary Oversight Committee (BOC)Members appointed for two-year terms on staggered schedule. Current members can reapply but may serve no more than three consecutive terms (six years). BOC Chair appointed year-to-year.Beth Carlson,
Office of Policy and Planning, Operations Services Division
Governor's Council on Minnesota's Coastal Program Makes recommendations to DNR commissioner on grant priorities, projects to receive grant funding, and the program's annual administrative budgetGovernor's Executive Order 99-12 (enabled) and extended by EO 19-29 Expiration date: noneAppointed by the governor under Minn. Stat. § 15.0593Applications accepted to fill vacancies. Governor sets terms at time of appointment.Amber Westerbur,
Ecological and Water Resources Division
Mille Lacs Fisheries Advisory Committee Forum to enhance two-way dialogue with stakeholders about Mille Lacs Lake fisheries managementCreated by DNR commissioner Expiration date: noneAppointed by DNR commissionerRolling applications once enough seats have opened to justify recruitment efforts.Tom Heinrich,
Fish and Wildlife Division
Minnesota Outdoor Recreation Task ForceMake actionable plans to connect more people to the health and wellness benefits of outdoor recreation, improve equitable access to outdoor recreation, and better support the state's thriving outdoor recreation economy

Minn. Stat. §§ 15.014; 15.059; and 84.01, subd. 5
Statutory expiration date: two years 
Recommendations due by Dec 2020

Selected by Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Explore Minnesota Tourism (state agency) in consultation with the governor's officeMembers appointed for the duration of the task force.[email protected]
Gratia Joice, Parks and Trails Division
Minnesota R3 Council (recruitment, retention, and reactivation)The public's voice in developing strategies recruiting, retaining, and reactivating hunters and anglers in MinnesotaCreated by DNR commissioner as a response to the 2016 R3 Summit Expiration date: noneAppointed by DNR commissionerRolling applications once enough seats have opened to justify recruitment efforts.James Burnham,
Fish and Wildlife Division
Parks and Trails Legacy Advisory Committee (PTLAC)Champions the 25-year Parks and Trails Legacy Plan through recommendations to enhance promotion, coordination, and accountability for implementation of the planCreated as a part of implementation of the 25-year Parks and Trails Legacy Plan Expiration date: noneAppointed by DNR commissioner, Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission, and Metropolitan CouncilMembers appointed for two years on staggered schedule and maximum of 3 consecutive terms. Chairs serve a one-year term and may be elected for a second year.Lars Erdahl,
Parks and Trails Division