Mille Lacs Lake fisheries advisory committee

Close-up of Mille Lacs Lake area on a road mapThe Mille Lacs Fisheries Advisory Committee advises the Department of Natural Resources on state of Minnesota’s fisheries management activities for Mille Lacs Lake. MLFAC was iinitially convened in 2015.

Updates on the committee and its actions, including upcoming meeting dates and topics discussed, will be available on this page.


The committee advises the DNR on issues that are relevant to the state’s management of Mille Lacs Lake fisheries, including any activities that are authorized, licensed, permitted or otherwise regulated or managed by the state.

The DNR will support the committee by supplying information that is used to help manage the Mille Lacs fisheries, including standard fish population assessments, creel harvest surveys, status of invasive species or other available information requested by the committee.

The committee will:

  • Represent the breadth of interests around Mille Lacs fisheries;
  • Learn about and contribute to a shared understanding of biological, social, and economic aspects of the fishery;
  • Identify and communicate to DNR staff significant stakeholder issues related to the state’s management of the fisheries of Mille Lacs Lake;
  • Facilitate dialogue between the public and the DNR regarding important issues;
  • Provide input to advise DNR on potential approaches to respond to issues; and
  • Provide advice on the most effective and acceptable regulations for the state’s Mille Lacs fisheries.

Each committee member will serve a three-year term. The committee will meet quarterly each year or as needed.

Additional details about the committee are available in the Mille Lacs Lake fisheries advisory committee charter.


  • Steven Besser, DNR Esocid Workgroup
  • Tina Chapman, Explore Minnesota Tourism
  • Bill Eno, Twin Pines Resort and launch service
  • Dean Hanson (co-chair), Agate Bay Resort and launch service
  • Steven Johnson, Johnson’s Portside
  • Steve Kulifaj, Lakeshore homeowner
  • Eddy Lyback, Lyback’s Ice Fishing and Lyback's Marine
  • Tom Neustrom, DNR Walleye Workgroup
  • Peter Perovich, DNR Bass Workgroup
  • Tony Roach, Roach’s Guide Service
  • Mark Utne, Lakeshore homeowner
  • Laurie Westerlund, Aitkin County Commissioner

The DNR advertises available committee seats intermittently when a number have become open. In between these calls, the DNR welcomes applications on a rolling basis. Please carefully review the MLFAC application page before applying


Meetings take place approximately quarterly. They are currently being held via Webex due to COVID-19 public health precautions.

Members of the public may observe MLFAC meetings but these meetings serve primarily as a way for the committee to hold group discussions. Fifteen minutes are reserved for public comments and questions. For upcoming online meetings, members of the public who wish to observe the meeting or speak during the public comment period should contact [email protected].



For more information about the advisory committee, please contact Tom Heinrich, Mille Lacs Lake area fisheries supervisor.