Minnesota off-highway motorcycle (OHM) master plan

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), in cooperation with the Minnesota Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association (ARMCA), has initiated a statewide master planning project for off-highway motorcycle (OHM) trail development. The plan will include input from members of the public, the OHM community and local government units to understand the perception of OHM riders, identify potential areas for OHM trails and discuss trail management needs. While the plan will identify potential new areas for OHM opportunities, any new opportunity will be subject to project-specific DNR interdisciplinary review, environmental review and public review.

photo: An off-highway vehicle riding a forest trail.

Get involved

  1. Use public input form to share your thoughts with us before January 31, 2021.
    Local government leaders can use the LGU input form.
    We need input from OHM riders, non-OHM riders and local government units such as counties, cities and townships. Once the draft master plan is developed, another engagement opportunity will be made available for additional public input on the plan.
  2. Learn more about off-highway vehicles on state land.
  3. Sign up on the OHM Master Plan Contact List to stay informed and reeceive e-mail information specific to the master plan project.
  4. Questions? Contact Joe Unger, DNR OHV Planner: [email protected] or 651-259-5279.