Border to Border Touring Route

Family touring together in a highway licensed vehicle.
Family touring together in a highway licensed vehicle.



Border-to-Border Touring Route

New "adventure trail" will connect dirt, gravel and other rugged backroads across Northern Minnesota

Since 1992, Minnesota has had a system of Scenic Byways made up of roads that take drivers to some of the state’s most significant natural, cultural and historic attractions, encouraging tourism and economic development in the communities located along the way. Soon there will be a similar opportunity for people to explore more than 900 miles of northern Minnesota on (mostly) unpaved roads.

The new Border to Border Touring Route (nicknamed the B2B Trail) will cross the entire state from the North Dakota border to the shores of Lake Superior.

  • The exact route is not yet finalized.
  • The route will consist entirely of existing public roads, including state and national forest roads as well as township, county and state roads.
  • Maps, signs or other roadside markers will indicate the route.
  • Only highway-licensed vehicles currently allowed on these roads will be able to travel the Border to Border Touring Route.
    • Vehicles allowed to drive on the Border-to-Border Route include those described on pages 18-21 of the Minnesota Drivers Manual.
    • Vehicles not allowed to drive on the Border-to-Border Route any vehicle prohibited by federal or state law and/or local ordinance.
  • The Off-Road Vehicle account in Minnesota's Natural Resources Fund will support planning, mapping, visitor information and signing for this project. It will also help support local road maintenance on the touring route. Revenues for this fund come from fees paid by off-road vehicle owners.

Proposed Touring Route*

*This route is not yet final. The State of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources makes no representations or warranties expressed or implied, with respect to the use of maps or geographic data provided herewith regardless of its format or the means of its transmission. There is no guarantee or representation to the user as to the accuracy, currency, suitability, or reliability of this data for any purpose. The user accepts the data as is. The State of Minnesota assumes no responsibility for loss or damage incurred as a result of any user reliance on this data. All maps and other material provided herein are protected by copyright.

Image of the Border to Border Touring Route, located in northern Minnesota.

Touring route draft maps

Draft Alignment Maps


Map size

Draft Alignment Map Overview

Map segments 1-7 located in the northern part of Minnesota.

36" X 48"

Draft Alignment Map 1

Kittson, Marshall counties.

36" X 48"

Draft Alignment Map 2

Marshall, Polk, Pennington, Red Lake, Clearwater counties.

36" X 48"

Draft Alignment Map 3

Clearwater, Beltrami, Itasca Counties.

36" X 48"

Draft Alignment Map 4

Itasca County

36" X 48"

Draft Alignment Map 5

St. Louis County

36" X 48"

Draft Alignment Map 6

Lake, Cook Counties

36" X 48"

Draft Alignment Map 7

Cook County

36" X 48"

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  • The DNR hosts a series of listening sessions to provide an opportunity for public input on an off-road touring route. Those who can’t attend the listening sessions can provide feedback via phone and email.
  • NOHVCC reviews public input, drives potential routes, and proposes a touring route.

Jan.-Mar. 2018

  • The DNR hosts another series of listening sessions to get feedback on the proposed route.

Next Steps

  • DNR and NOHVCC revise route based on feedback.
  • DNR completes environmental review of the proposed route.
  • DNR develops map and Web page.
  • DNR works with partners to mark route.
  • Grand opening anticipated in 2019.

The Border-to-Border Touring Route is an opportunity to provide a quality adventure touring and off-road vehicle riding opportunity while assisting smaller, rural communities in northern Minnesota with a positive economic influx. In order to accomplish both those goals, as well as to be sustainable, input from people and communities is important to planning where it will be located. MN4WDA members own highway licensed vehicles that are also ORV registered and want to spend time in Minnesota instead of traveling out of state to tour backroads.

Rick Langness, president, Minnesota 4-Wheel Drive Association (MN4WDA)

We are very pleased to be partnering with the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council and the Minnesota Four-Wheel Drive Association on this project, which has potential to bring significant tourism benefits to northern Minnesota.

Erika Rivers, director, Minnesota State Parks and Trails

For more information, or to request a printed copy of the proposal, call Mary Straka, at 218-203-4445, or email [email protected].

Mary Straka
Division of Parks and Trails
[email protected]

Ron Potter
NOHVCC Management Solutions
[email protected]