Responsible Buyers

You can help prevent trade-pathway invasive species introductions. Invasive species cause recreational, economic and ecological damage—changing how residents and visitors use and enjoy Minnesota waters. Buyers active in the live plant and animal trades can take these actions to protect Minnesota from new introductions of invasive species.

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Do not release non-native animals and plants into the environment
  • Dispose of prohibited invasive plants, noxious weeds or other unwanted plants or bait in the trash, sealed in a plastic bag.
  • Alternatives to disposal for unwanted non-native plants and animals that are not prohibited invasive species include:
    • Contacting a retailer for possible returns.
    • Giving them away or trading with other hobbyists or anglers.
    • Donating them to a local hobbyist society, school or Habitattitude™ surrender event.
  • Contact a veterinarian for guidance on how to humanely euthanize prohibited invasive animals.
Only purchase animals and plants that present no or low environmental risk
Report prohibited invasive species in trade

If you think you have found a prohibited invasive species in trade in Minnesota, contact Adam Doll, Invasive Species Prevention Program Consultant, [email protected], 651-259-5056.

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