Protect your public lands when foraging

juniper berries

Review the information below to learn how to protect your favorite trails, forests, parks and prairies while foraging so you don't spread invasive plants throughout the forest.

Before heading out to find the elusive morel or blueberry patch, search your gear and clothing for seeds, mud, and vegetation before leaving home. Remove anything you find. If you’re hunting for berries or other vegetation, be sure you know how to identify the species—that way you’re less likely to bring home a look-a-like invasive.
If what you are seeking is off trail, thoroughly check yourself throughout for seeds or vegetation. Periodically clean yourself off while foraging.
Before you load up your bounty and go home, look through your harvest and make sure nothing you are bringing back is an invasive species. Check yourself and pets for seeds and soil. Clean your boots, clothing, gear, and pets as best you can before going home. Don’t bring invasive species home. If you find some tricky mud or seeds and need to remove them at home, make sure you properly dispose of the seeds.

Learn about how to prevent the spread of invasive species while doing other activities on public lands.

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