Protect your public lands

Invasive plants can devastate trails, forests, prairies, and pristine wildlife habitat. Public land visitors often unknowingly spread these plants over long distances.

How do you enjoy Minnesota’s lands? Click an activity to discover how you can protect your favorite trail, forest, park, or prairie from invasive plants.

person with a back pack walking through tall to backpacking prevention information
person mountain biking on dirt traillink to biking prevention information
people sitting at pinic tables with three tents in backgroundlink to camping prevention information
morel mushroomslink to foraging prevention information
young boy holding a gpslink to geocaching prevention information
person standing by superior hiking traillink to hiking prevention information
two people on horse backlink to horsebacking riding prevention link
person in orange sitting in tree stand to hunting prevention information
close up of snowy owl facelink to nature viewing prevention information
atv riding on forest traillink to ohv prevention information

No matter how you enjoy the outdoors, always clean your gear after recreating. Learn more about tips specific to your favorite activity by selecting it above or visiting