Protect your public lands when geocaching

young boy standing in front of man looking at gps

Review the information below to learn how to protect your favorite trails, forests, parks and prairies while geocaching so you don't spread invasive plants throughout the forest.

Before leaving home, check your gear to make sure you don’t have mud, seeds, or insects hiding on your boots, clothing, or pack. Bringing a pet? Check their fur to make sure it is free of seeds and mud.
If the cache you are seeking is off trail, thoroughly check yourself throughout the search for attached seeds or vegetation. Periodically clean yourself off while searching.
Before going home, remove mud, seeds, and vegetation from your boots, clothing, gear, and pets. Don’t bring invasive species home. If you went off trail, double-check yourself for tricky seeds and vegetation that might be hiding in your socks or even pockets. If you find some tricky mud or seeds, you cannot remove at the site, remove them at home and make sure to properly dispose of the seeds.

Learn about how to prevent the spread of invasive species while doing other activities on public lands.

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