Protect your public lands when horseback riding

brown and white horse eating out of a sack.

Review the information below to learn how to protect your favorite trails, forests, parks and prairies while horseback riding.

Bring certified weed seed-free feed and forage for your horse while on your ride or at camp. Check your riding gear and horse for seeds, vegetation, and mud. Clean off any soil or seeds you find.
While riding, stay on the trail and avoid muddy spots. Wandering off trail will increase your chances of picking up seeds—or mud that can carry seeds and vegetation.
Clean your riding gear and horse thoroughly before leaving. Don’t bring any mud, seeds, soil or vegetation back to the barn. If you find soil or seeds stuck in a way you can’t clean before heading home, make a note of it and properly dispose of the seeds as soon as possible. When at the horse camp, place all manure and bedding in the designated manure bunkers.

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