Protect your public lands when nature viewing

women looking through binoculars

Review the information below to learn how to protect your favorite trails, forests, parks and prairies while nature viewing.

Before searching for wildlife, search your gear and clothing for seeds, mud, and vegetation before leaving home. Remove anything you find.
While on the lookout for birds and animals, stay on the trail and avoid muddy spots. Wandering off trail will increase your chances of picking up seeds—or mud that can carry seeds and vegetation.
Before going home, remove mud, seeds, and vegetation from your boots, clothing, and gear. Don’t bring invasive species home. If you went off trail, double check yourself for tricky seeds and vegetation that might be hiding in your socks or even pockets. If you find some tricky mud or seeds you cannot remove at the site, remove them at home and make sure to properly dispose of the seeds.

Learn about how to prevent the spread of invasive species while doing other activities on public lands.

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