Oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)


Appearance: Perennial herbaceous plant, thin 1- 2' tall stems typically branch above to produce two or more flower heads; smells like sage. It is the only large white daisy that has escaped gardens.

Leaves: Alternate, deeply cut and lobed.

Flowers: White daisies with yellow central disc, 2" across, bloom all summer.

Seeds: Tufted, dispersed by wind.

Roots: Spread vegetatively with horizontal stems growing below the soil surface, called rhizomes, forming roots and producing new plants.

Ecological Threat:

  • It is not a threat to intact prairies and savannas.
  • It frequently invades disturbed fields and meadows, competing with native plants, especially under grazing pressure.
  • Probably introduced as an ornamental from Europe and escaped to become one of the most common roadside weeds.


Control Methods:


  • Repeated pulling of small infestations is effective


Native Substitutes:

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