Other considerations in building energized fences

Rabbits, raccoons, and woodchucks
To exclude rabbits, raccoons, and woodchucks in addition to deer, add wires at 4- and 8-inches above the ground. This may be part of the initial design or added later as needed. You will need additional insulators, wire, and fence staples.

Many gardeners prefer a permanent gate. The width of the gate will vary according to your needs. Spring-type gate handles may also serve as the gate. A fiberglass or plastic rod may be used so all wires are opened simultaneously. You may prefer two gates for larger gardens.

Other designs
Other energized fence designs to exclude deer from gardens do exist. Occasionally gardeners are successful at reducing deer damage with energized fence designs that differ from the design described in this brochure. The energized fence design described here will give most home gardeners the best opportunity for reducing deer damage. If you are currently using an energized fence that is effectively reducing deer damage, great. However, if you are experiencing problems with your current fence or are considering an investment in energized fencing to protect your garden, consider the design specified in this brochure. Caution: Failure to carefully follow the recommendations specified in this brochure may result in deer breaching the fence. Once deer learn to enter the fence, you may not be able to retrain deer even if you upgrade your fence.

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