Maintenance & safety

Check voltage weekly or after storms. Check and tighten wire tension as needed. Change pr recharge energizer batteries every 3-4 weeks. Vegetation must not contact the fence. Use mowing, weed whipping, or herbicides to control vegetation on an 18-inch-wide strip under the fence. Apply herbicides according to label directions.

If your garden needs protection only during the growing season, take wires and line posts down during the winter. Use a wire garden hose reel to gather and store the wire. Corner posts and ground rods may remain in the ground. Cover the exposed end of ground rods with buckets, bricks, or concrete blocks. With proper care, your garden fence should last ten or more years.

Safety is a primary concern when using an energized fencing system. The homeowner is responsible for protecting others from injury. Use only an unaltered energizer listed with a qualified electrical testing laboratory. Always follow the manufacturer's safety recommendations. Use at least one energized fence warning sign on each side of the fence. Check local ordinances for regulations on energized fences and posting requirements.

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