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Lesson 5:7 - Making Ice Fishing Jiggle Sticks

by Nadine Meyer

February 2011

homemade jiggle stick

Chapter 5 of the Fishing: Get in the Habitat! Leader’s Guide contains seven of the 39 lessons, focusing on fishing equipment and skills. Students will learn how to tie knots, make their own fishing rigs, cast a closed-faced (spincasting) rod and reel, and select correct baits, lures, and fishing locations based on fish habitats and food preferences.

Fishing is a lifelong activity that takes people outdoors and provides opportunities that develop awareness, knowledge, and enjoyment of ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. Fishing brings families together and builds friendships by strengthening bonds between those who share experiences and special memories.

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Lesson Summary

Students make and rig their own ice fishing jiggle sticks.

Tips & Tricks

Youth Making a Jiggle Stick Youth building a jiggle stick at a MinnAqua Ice Fishing Clinic.
  • This activity has many steps involved. It is important to keep all of your students on the same steps at the same time. For students that finish first - ask them to help other students.
  • Have your school's shop class or a local wood worker cut and pre-drill the dowels for you. You can have them prepare more than one class' worth ahead of time.
  • Keep small pieces like the screws, sinkers, and hooks in plastic containers that are clearly labeled.
  • Knot tying practice materials can be made out of rope and shower curtain rings or 5" dowels with a large eye-screw attached to one end. It is helpful to clearly mark one end of the rope with permanent marker to designate the "tag" end of the "fishing line".

Diving Deeper

Your students may be interested in learning more about different ice fishing techniques. Invite a guest speaker from your local Darkhouse Association or Ice Team Representative. You may have parents that are willing to visit your class and show off their ice fishing tools and equipment as well.

MinnAqua Lesson Connections

You can use this lesson as part of a winter unit utilizing the a suite of winter and all-season lessons found in the MinnAqua Leader's Guide.

A unit may include:

NEW: Suggested Online Student Resources

Have your students access these online resources to engage in these concepts further.

WI DNR Ice Fishing Video for Youth

MN DNR Take a Kid Ice Fishing Website

MinnAqua Ice Fishing Frenzy Youth Activity Book

DragonflyTV Do It Ice Fishing!

MN Fishing Regulations

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