News release: Fish and Wildlife Almanac, Nov. 20

November 20, 2023

Reminder for anglers on winter walleye fishing regulations for Upper Red, Mille Lacs lakes

Anglers are reminded that the walleye limit for Upper Red Lake decreased from the five allowed during open water season to four this winter while the Mille Lacs Lake walleye limit will remain at one.

The Upper Red Lake regulation became effective Nov. 1. Anglers fishing on the state waters of Upper Red Lake can keep up to four walleye with one longer than 17 inches. Beginning Friday, Dec. 1, Mille Lacs Lake anglers can keep one walleye 21-23 inches long or one longer than 28 inches.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources sets winter regulations for these lakes after completion of annual fall population assessments. Results from Upper Red Lake showed a very strong level of walleye spawning stock and a high overall net catch rate, especially of nearly mature walleye. Mille Lacs’ results found slightly lower walleye numbers than in 2022. But the continued strong presence of walleye born in 2013 and 2017 and acceptable numbers of walleye born in 2021 and 2022 suggest there are adequate numbers of younger fish to keep the population sustainable as they mature and reproduce to replace fish caught by anglers.

Complete winter fishing regulations are available on the Upper Red Lake regulations webpage and the Mille Lacs Lake regulations webpage.

Hunters can find CWD test results online

Hunters can check the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website for chronic wasting disease test results on the deer they’ve harvested. The site also shows statewide CWD test results, summary statistics and mapped locations of deer that tested positive. Any additional deer harvested during Minnesota deer seasons that test positive for CWD will be reported on the CWD results page. The DNR also will directly notify any hunter who harvests a deer that tests positive. The DNR relies on hunters’ participation in providing samples to help with disease surveillance and appreciates all those who submitted samples.

Minnesota DNR webinars focus on interesting plant diseases, emerald ash borer

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites people interested in wildlife and outdoor skills to check out the fall program schedule for the Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series.

In a webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 22, plant expert Sam Guida will discuss galls, burls, brooms and other interesting plant diseases. One example of these, galls, are hidden insect homes inside plants, such as the ping-pong ball sized lumps commonly seen on goldenrod. Learn how to spot these and find an awe-inspiring world.

In a webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 29Rachael Dube, one of the Minnesota DNR’s forest health specialists, will share information on emerald ash borer and its impacts on our communities and forests. Dube also will cover how property owners can prepare for and control emerald ash borer and how to manage a healthy forest in the face of this pest.

The Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series webinars are free and offered year-round, though registration is required. Visit the Outdoor Skills and Stewardship webpage of the Minnesota DNR website for the registration portal, more information about upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars.

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