Minnesota Pollinator Resources

Pollinator Information

Pollinator-Friendly Plant Lists for Minnesota

Gardening Resources, Restoration Funding & Restoration Evaluation

  • Xerces Society.
    1. Attracting Native Pollinators (book)
    2. Pollinator Habitat Assessment Form and Guide-Natural Areas and Rangelands assessment guide
  • Heather Holm. Restoring the Landscape blog and "Pollinators of Native Plants" (book) .
  • List of projects from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources.

Citizen Science Opportunities for Pollinator Research

Please contact Nicole Gerjets (651-259-5699), a bee specialist with the DNR's Minnesota Biological Survey, if you would like to apply for a volunteer position. There are also many citizen science opportunities, such as:

Pollinator Education and Outreach

Pollinator Reports and Legislation

DNR Research About Pollinators

  • Catherine Reed. DNR. Surveys in the 1990s. Reports from 1993, 1995, and 1996.
  • Nicole Gerjets (Minnesota Biological Survey) native bees of grasslands and forests website.
  • Scott Haire, Science Museum of Minnesota permit to collect through the DNR. Permit to conduct surveys for Perdita perpallida at Grey Cloud Dunes SNA in 2013.
  • Kyle Johnson. Minnesota Biological Survey. Surveys for butterflies and moths in Minnesota prairies.


Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) -
Funded Pollinator Projects

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LCCMR Pollinator Projects (starting July 1, 2013)
LCCMR Pollinator Projects (starting July 1, 2014)
LCCMR Pollinator Projects Recommended for Funding (starting July 1, 2015)