Introduction to Restore Your Shore

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Carrol Henderson, along with Carolyn Dindorf and Fred Rozumalski, are co-authors of Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality, precursor to this website.

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About This Program

The Restore Your Shore program will enable you to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of shoreland ecosystems.
  • Learn from other shoreland owners' experiences.
  • Design, implement and enjoy your own shoreland project.

While Restore Your Shore is primarily about lakeshores, the information also applies to managing shorelines along rivers, streams, wetlands, and even stormwater retention ponds.

In the Introduction, you will learn how to navigate through the program. You will also be introduced to principles that are important to the natural shoreland management approach.

people walking across Mississippi River Headwaters

Shoreland owners will share their personal restoration experiences with you in Shore Lore where you will discover how other properties were transformed into beautiful, easily maintained shorelands. You will get a realistic idea of what is involved in the process and discover how lakeshore problems similar to your own have been resolved through innovative approaches.

The Steps & Techniques section leads you through the shoreland management process. We provide tools and tips to identify the characteristics of your own lakeshore, define your personal objectives, design your own shoreline, and implement your project.

Misty lake with sun peeking through clouds

The Plant Guide is an extensive interactive resource for learning about Minnesota's native plant communities, selecting native plants for your own project, and becoming familiar with the most common invasive species.

The final section, References & Resources, expands on the information provided in the Restore Your Shore program. You will find useful references and information resources that will make your project more manageable and more effective.


"The shoreline tells all, about the water
What there is to do, what there is for you.
Without habitat, without vegetation,
Nothing can live, the lake will be through.
Oh dragonflies and leopard frogs, you're what I'm looking for.
The shoreline is a home for you when we take care of it more... "

headphone icon Shoreline Song, (Full length version). Carolyn Dindorf & Roman Rowan, © 2001 Performed by Carolyn Dindorf, Roman Rowan, and Aaron White.

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