Shore Lore


person viewing lake from deck

Lore is knowledge gained through learning and experience.

In Shore Lore, lakeshore owners and natural resource professionals share valuable experience and insights in their own words. Projects across Minnesota are featured that represent a range of management approaches.

Shore Lore provides different approaches to protecting and restoring your shoreline, from the low cost and minimal effort approach of "no mow, let it grow" to the increased labor and cost approach of high intensity planting.

map of biomes statewide and locations of the four Shore Lore project sites


Sugar Lake - High Intensity Planting

Buffalo Lake - No Mow, Let It Grow

Lake Minnie Belle - Seeding

Gervais Lake - Established Planting


"What Will the Neighbors Think?" explores social aspects of shoreland aesthetics and the cultural values that we associate with landscaping.


The last chapter in this section provides field-tested solutions for common problems faced by shoreland owners.


"...Oh singing birds and calling loons
you're what I'm looking for.
The shoreline is a home for you
when we take care of it more... "

headphone icon Shoreline Song, Carolyn Dindorf & Roman Rowan, © 2001 Performed by Carolyn Dindorf, Roman Rowan, and Aaron White.


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