Trail Snow Report

Arrowhead/David Dill State Trail

Trail conditions:

As of March 18, grooming on the Arrowhead has been suspended. With the ongoing warm weather, sun, and rain over the last week, we have rapidly lost our trail base, creating large stretches of exposed ground and rocks on the trails. Swamps are also starting to open up in places. Use caution while riding at all times. Also please be aware of and slow down for ongoing logging activity throughout the trail, travel at appropriate speeds and stay to the right. No motorized vehicles other than snowmobiles are allowed on the Arrowhead or Grant-in-Aid trails.

Trail conditions: poor
Trail groomed? no
Trail base: 0-3"
Trail mileage: 128.0

The trail(s):
The Arrowhead State trail is the backbone to an extensive Grant-in-Aid trail system that travels through remote areas and provides access to snowmobiling in Voyageurs National Park.


  • There are trail shelters along the trail located at popular stopping points which include scenic vistas.

Last updated on March 22, 2019. Local snow depth is 7-22".

Getting there

650 Hwy 169
Tower, MN 55790

Go ten miles west of Tower on Highway 169. Trailhead is at the intersection of the Taconite Trail.

Parking is available on Highway 1, two miles north of Highway 169.


Phone: 218-300-7841
Email: [email protected]
Contact hours vary, please leave a message.

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